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The Voice of the NYC Transportation Industry — March 2004

Historic Public Hearing On Rate Increase
Tuesday March 30th, 9:00 AM
40 Rector Street • 5th Floor

For those of you that missed the last TLC public meeting at 40 Rector Street, you missed the most comprehensive Power Point presentation ever seen at the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission. The presentation was giving by Mr. Andrew Salkin, the Borough Commissioner Lower Manhattan Office and detailed the last eight years of the taxi industry. Mr. Salkin did a masterful job as he went from screen to screen with detailed explanations of income, expense, rider ship and economic comparisons.

Some facts presented:
In 2003 the NYC taxi industry picked up 170 million fares with 238 million passengers.

The fare in New York City is the lowest in the United States compared with comparable cities. Chicago averages $2.00 per fare.

Since the 1996 fare increase the consumer price index rose approximately 20%.

Since 1996, Transit fares have gone up 30%.

After the 1996 increase in the fare, there was a 5% decrease in rider-ship for about one year while revenue rose 13%. Driver's income went up 20% that year.

The public meeting started with Captain Joseph Midolo of the TLC announcing a joint operation with NYPD resulted in 2,498 summonses being issued since June 2003 for illegal street hails. Mr. Midolo also announced that over 40,000 vehicles were stopped resulting in 1,385 seizures. TLC uniformed services will meet again with the Port Authority to discuss the "hustlers" and work seriously on that problem.

The most important public hearing of our time will take place on March 30th at 40 Rector Street. Five rule change proposals will be discussed and voted on regarding the RATE OF FARE, LEASE CAPS, PARTITIONS, CREDIT CARD METERS and TECHNOLOGY. If you have anything to say about these rule change proposals, that is the place to be heard by the entire Taxi Commission. If you have nothing to say, you should attend to hear testimony by all segments of the taxi industry. This is a historic meeting.

Chairman Matthew W. Daus was a special guest on the TAXI INSIDER Radio Show on March 3rd. Chairman Daus discussed the upcoming public hearing and the free seminars the city is providing for the upcoming medallion auctions. Listen to TAXI INSIDER every Wednesday at 2PM on 1600AM, WWRL. You never know who our special guest will be. I am the host along with Vinny Sapone and Former Chair of the TLC, Fidel DelValle. Call the radio show and voice your opinion on Wednesday's at 2PM on 1600AM.

If you are a Licensed Leasing Agent and reading this, join the Committee for Taxi Safety. We help our drivers and our industry with current issues that affect the entire taxi industry. Stop reading and start joining! Call 718 706-TAXI for more information.

Don't forget your automatic 10% discount at all AutoZones.(see ad in our newspaper) Simply show your HACK or FHV license and you get 10% off your entire purchase! A gift from AutoZone to the NYC taxi industry. Use it!

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