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Odds & Ends

Lisa Evers, a reporter with the Fox News Network, seems to find unbelievable scoops. "Unbelievable" is the operative word here. Last week I waited with baited breath for a story about a Taxi Scam.

What a surprise when I first caught the new Lisa Evers on Fox 5 news and what a bigger surprise when I watched her incriminating taxi scam.

Lisa Evers basically incriminated or tarnished all yellow cab drivers with her report on counterfeit money. I am outraged by her slanderous reporting and have since switched news stations.

Lisa Evers' report went something like this: She had a passenger and a phony cabbie set up in a taxi with a camera. The passenger gives the driver a $20.00 bill, the driver states, "I don't have change of $20.00," and Evers states the driver switched the $20.00 bill with a counterfeit one.

Does this mean Lisa Evers knows that cabbies are running a counterfeit ring? Does this mean every taxi driver does what she implies to be a scam?

I believe it shows that reporter Lisa Evers needs to drive a yellow cab for a living. To visually incriminate taxi drivers with a mock, set-up scam, is as low as it gets.

I know it is true that cabbies get counterfeit bills once in a while. Many of you have told me stories about your bank notifying you that an occasional bill was found to be counterfeit.

For your information Miss Evers, counterfeiters have better things to do with their money than drive taxis in New York City. Your scenario may have happened, but the overwhelming majority of New York City yellow taxi drivers are hard working, self supporting, honest Americans. Additionally, you have shown that your ethics certainly do not include speaking well of New York City cabbies.

I have not had a problem with any reporting until the recent plagiarism scandel at the New York Times. In my opinion, the only thing worse than plagiarism is unveiling a story that wants to be sensational (ever hear of sensationalism?) based on something that may have happened a few times but in reality is a small fraction of a percentage of all fares.

Miss Evers, New York City taxi drivers get stuck with these bills more often than you know. Maybe you should work for the FBI instead of FOX, but then again the FBI needs to show a conspiracy of evidence before indicting an entire industry. Now that your hair is straight you should get your stories straight too. It seems to me that money isn't the only thing counterfeit here. Shame on you Miss Evers.

Lisa Evers used to be Lisa Sliwa of Guardian Angel fame. Her former husband, Curtis Sliwa has a successful radio program in the mornings with attorney Ron Cooby. Curtis & Cooby banter about local and national events to a national audience. Lisa filed for divorce in 1993.

She started her news TV career at Fox in August of 2002. Prior to that she was a talk show host at Hot-97FM and a reporter for another radio station 1010 WINS.


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